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YOU OFF journey starts today, after ten years of experience and research in massage techniques which ultimately generated our protocol. A unique sequence of movements inspired by different cultures and integrated into a single treatment. They are vigorous and dynamic techniques that aim to shape your body, oxygenate the tissues, improve lymphatic and venous circulation and metabolism. It makes you feel your body reactivated.

Our team is formed by body experts, technicians who follow the protocol but personalizing and adapting the treatment to each body. You will feel lighter and more energized, both noticing the effects visually and feeling it mentally.

YOU OFF considers physical and mental wellbeing as a perfect balance and the central element of our lives. To maximize your wellbeing, the more regular and constant your massage is, the better. We built YOU OFF with this in mind trying to bring it into your routine. We specialize in one massage protocol to offer the best quality massage.

With YOU OFF massage, you get a detoxified body and relaxed mind in a space where you can breathe harmony and beauty.

Our Values

We are inspired by NATURE. Our massage is manual. We use hands and body energy only to treat your physical and mental wellbeing. Our colors are the ones of the land, the clay, the grass, the rocks. We respect nature choosing the most sustainable option every time.

We are inspired by HARMONY. Our massage seeks to regain the balance between body and mind. We love our body and its harmonic shapes. We created our studio with this concept to let you go on a "journey" every time you enter the door.

We are inspired by BEAUTY. Our bodies are the most beautiful thing in nature. When we thought about YOU OFF, we wanted you to have a beautiful experience as a whole, in every single detail.

We are inspired by SIMPLICITY. YOU OFF is an effective manual massage that enters your routine, with no complicated rituals to achieve your wellbeing objective. We embraced this also in the minimal design of our store.



Ciao, we are Chiara and Cristina, the founders of YOU OFF.

Cristina has been a freelance masseuse and has developed a unique protocol that today has become our massage in more than ten years of work in this field. As a result, hundreds of loyal customers have seen a massage evolve to become something more significant: the YOU OFF massage.

Chiara met Cristina as a client. Immersed in the intensity of her finance job in a corporate, she found her weekly moment of wellbeing with this massage. Since she met Cristina, she has felt pretty lucky to have her precious contact and experience the countless benefits of the massage for herself.

From the strong understanding between us, the sharing of personal values, and the passion for this massage and wellbeing, the idea of doing something bigger together built up. A new brand that can speak and reach everyone with the intent of constantly contributing to your body and mind wellbeing.

We desire to share what we believe with in, spreading the benefits of our massage to everyone, offering a simple and natural but highly effective routine.