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Your face ritual

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Your face ritual

Regular price €75,00
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Scegli data e orario

45 min.
intense touch
lift, tone

È possibile modificare data e ora del massaggio entro 12 ore dall’appuntamento tramite il link presente nella mail di conferma. Eventuali ritardi o appuntamenti mancati non potranno essere recuperati.

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What it is

Il massaggio al viso è un metodo naturale per aumentare la luminosità, ridefinire i contorni, rimpolpare la pelle e rallentare i segni del tempo. Durante i 45 minuti di trattamento la stimolazione facciale è al centro del protocollo.

È un massaggio profondo che, attraverso una sequenza di movimenti che uniscono manovre lente e rapide, avvolgenti e armoniche, va a lavorare in particolare sulle fasce muscolari del viso per ottenere un effetto lifting immediato.

Durante il massaggio viso YOU OFF non si trascura il corpo, il quale viene trattato all’inizio del trattamento per ottenere uno stato di relax, benessere fisico ed emotivo che si muove sul viso, rendendolo ancora più bello.

Body Goals

Allungare i muscoli per ossigenarli, energizzarli e prevenire il rilassamento cutaneo

Ravvivare i fibroblasti per stimolare la produzione di collagene

Stimolare i fluidi circolatori sanguigni e linfatici

Mind Goals

Rilasciare la tensione facciale e mentale

Aumentare la sensazione di benessere e vitalità

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have the invoice after the online purchase?
No. After the online purchase, we will give you the commercial receipt for the payment. If you need the invoice, you must write an email before purchasing the massage, and we'll give you all the information to proceed.
How can I book two massages at the same time?
It is possible to book two different massages at the same time. We even have two connecting rooms if you want! But you cannot book two slots on the same date and time in one checkout. The correct process is to do two different checkouts under different names of who will be doing the massage. Otherwise, you can do two different checkouts under the same reservation name
Do I need to book massage in advance?
Yes, you need to book your massage online in advance. You can go on the book tab of YOU OFF massage or Massage with scrub, choose your best slot in the calendar, proceed with check out, and you will receive confirmation via email of your booking.
Which payment methods does YOU OFF accept?
We accept the following payment methods: Amex, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay.
What is the cancellation policy?
Once booked, it's not possible to cancel an appointment. However, we operate a rescheduling policy up to 12 hours before your appointment is due. You can quickly reschedule your appointment by clicking on the link inside your appointment confirmation email.
How do I know if my order has been successful?
You will receive two separate emails. A confirmation mail with the purchase receipt and a mail with your appointment details with a calendar file attachment for you to import this appointment into Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar and set the reminders your way.
Do I need to pay for my treatment at the time of booking?
Yes. We charge the amount as soon as you book your appointment(s).
What is the minimum age to do the massage?
The minimum age is 14.  Minors under 18 must be accompanied by parents or legal representatives.
I have a gift card. How can I redeem it?
You can book your appointment(s) on our website and insert your gift card code on the checkout page. Make sure to insert your gift card code before confirming your payment method! Remember that the gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
What time should I arrive for a massage?
Our staff will open you the door 10 minutes before your appointment.
Who can do the massage?
The You Off massage suits every human.
How long does the massage last?
YOU OFF body massage is 50 minutes. YOU OFF body scrub is 40 minutes. YOU OFF face is 45 minutes.
Should I take a shower after the massage?
The shower is only provided for the Massage with scrub.
What product is applied to the skin during the massage?
You can choose whether to use different oils or our odorless moisturizer.
What do I need to bring?
Nothing. Slip is provided before the massage.
Is the You Off massage painful?
The YOU OFF Body massage can be a little bit painful on some parts of the body that are inflamed.
Can bruises appear after treatment?
Bruises may appear on the inflamed areas. These are superficial bruises that disappear quickly.
Can I Do the You Off Massage During Pregnancy?
Yes you can do YOU OFF Premaman massage. In this case, a specific protocol is followed. It is recommended that you always ask your primary care physician before doing any massage during pregnancy.
Can I have a massage if I have a fever?
Our massage can't be done if you have a fever. In addition, due to the anti-Covid-19 restrictions, it is impossible to access the studio with a body temperature higher than 37.5 °.
Can I have the massage if I have a severe illness (e.g.: tumor)?
In case of serious illnesses, the massage can’t' be done.
After how many massages do I see the benefits on my body?
You will see and feel the benefits on the body from the first massage. Doing regular massages ensures that the benefits improve and remain constant over time.
Can i have a body massage if I have thrombosis?
In case you are predisposed to thrombosis it is necessary to seek the advice of the doctor to be sure that you can do the massage.